Meditate on anger to overcome it.

Meditation will help neutralize your anger and enable you to think clearly.


  1. Imagine a scenario in which someone close to you loses his/her temper.
    Reflect upon the immediate effects of the person’s rage. You will see a physical transformation happening—this person, no matter how beautiful they normally are, will begin to look ugly.
    Continue this visualization for a few minutes, and then analyze the situation and relate the circumstances to your own experience.
    Recognize that you, too, look that ugly when angry, and resolve that you will never let yourself fall under the sway of such intense anger.

  2. Visualize a scenario in which someone you dislike does something that offends or annoys you.
    In your imagination, let your natural response follow. Think about how you feel for three to four minutes and consider whether you feel more or less peaceful.
    At the end of this visualization, if you’ve discovered that you lose your peace of mind because of this person, tell yourself that you will never allow that to happen again.

  3. Think about your resolution for a few minutes.
    Build up your determination to stay committed to your resolution.


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