Define your own success


  1. Evaluate the standards you use to measure yourself.
    Reflect on the standards you currently use to measure your success. Think about why you chose them and whether they align with your personal goals and values.
  2. Foster your independence.
    Self-determination is key to motivation and success. Focus on making yourself the standard, rather than relying solely on external sources. Take responsibility for your life and decisions.
  3. Define your own "success criteria."
    Make a list of what you want out of life and use that to measure your progress and success. Avoid comparing yourself to others or external ideals.
  4. Create a filter for decision-making.
    Develop a simple filter to use when making decisions. Ask yourself questions like, "Does this align with my goals?" or "Is this decision in line with my values?"
  5. Apply the filter.
    Put your decision-making filter to the test by using it to make a decision within the next few hours. Clearly define the outcome you want and consider how your decision aligns with your personal criteria for success.


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