Offer support to your leader to enhance team success


  1. Perform a detailed self-assessment.
    Schedule a quiet time to critically assess how you manage your emotions, time, priorities, energy, thinking, words, and personal life. For each area, ask yourself: "How does this align with the leader I aspire to be?" For example, consider a time when managing your emotions under pressure led to a positive outcome. Plan steps to improve areas where you're lacking, such as setting aside time for strategic thinking or prioritizing tasks that add the most value.
  2. Actively support your leader.
    Write down specific ways you can lighten your leader's load, then schedule a meeting to discuss these ideas. Before the meeting, think about the challenges your leader faces and propose solutions or support you can offer. Ask, "How can I help you achieve our goals?" This could range from taking on additional responsibilities to offering insights on a project. After the discussion, follow through with the agreed-upon actions.
  3. Take on challenging opportunities.
    What is one task that is outside of your comfort zone but within the realm of your capabilities? Once identified, volunteer for it and see it as a chance to grow.
  4. Establish yourself as a reliable problem-solver.
    What is one recurring issue within your team or organization that needs to be solved? Take the initiative to lead the implementation of this solution. This will demonstrate your ability to handle pressure and solve problems.
  5. Commit to lifelong learning and improvement
    Set specific, measurable goals for your professional development. This could include mastering a new skill relevant to your role, seeking feedback from peers and leaders, or attending a workshop or seminar. After achieving each goal, set a new, more challenging one. Regularly review your progress and adjust your strategies as needed. Ask yourself, "How have I improved?" and "What's my next step for growth?" Write them down.


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