Bootstrap your startup successfully


  1. Prioritize cash flow over profitability.
    Don't take on sales that are profitable but take a long time to collect, and try to stretch out payments for everything you buy.
  2. Develop a detailed forecast based on quantifiable metrics.
    Use tangible variables such as the number of sales calls, success rate, and average sales to create a bottom-up forecast that outlines expected expenses and revenue.
  3. Release the product, then test it.
    Consider releasing the product before it's perfect and testing it with a small group of customers in a specific area. Evaluate whether the product or service is better than the competition.
  4. Start with a service-based business to generate immediate cash flow. Focus on a niche market and offer services while developing a unique product or tool for the clients. Once fully developed, transition to a product-based business.
  5. Focus on the product's function, not its appearance.
    Use resources from larger companies to reduce costs and focus on the unique features and benefits of the product. Don't try to compete with established businesses by doing the same things they are doing.
  6. Sell directly to customers.
    Use resellers to supplement efforts, but don't rely on them to establish your product or provide you with quality feedback.
  7. Compare your product to the leader.
    Take advantage of the existing brand awareness of the competition to save money on marketing, PR, promotion, and advertising costs. Identify important points of differentiation, such as cost, ease of use, reliability, customer service, or geographic location, and compare to the competition.
  8. Be honest and relevant.
    Be honest and transparent about the features and benefits of your product or service, and make sure they surpass the competition in relevant and noticeable ways to maintain credibility.


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