Create a small organization to capture small-market opportunities


  1. Form a team to bring the technology to market.
    Set up an organization that is the right size for the opportunity.
  2. Buy a small business to nurture disruptive technology.
    Allen Bradley and Johnson & Johnson used this strategy. It involves launching products with disruptive technologies through small companies that have been acquired for this purpose.
  3. Keep the business as a separate entity.
    This helps create a successful position in the new technology. Allen Bradley, for example, kept its electronic controller business separate from its main electromechanical product operations.
  4. Establish independent operating companies.
    Johnson & Johnson has 160 independent operating companies, ranging from its large MacNeil and Janssen pharmaceutical companies to small companies with annual revenues of less than $20 million.
  5. Aim to be a leader in commercializing disruptive technologies.
    Identify the disruptive technologies that can be commercialized and create plans to be a leader in their commercialization.


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