Tackle your most challenging task in the morning


  1. Identify your 'frog' first thing in the morning.
    Start your day by deciding what your most challenging task is—the task you are most likely to procrastinate on. Write it down as the first item on your to-do list. Reflect on why this task feels daunting and how great you will feel once it's completed. This helps set a proactive tone for your day.
  2. Set a specific deadline for your 'frog'.
    Give yourself a clear deadline, preferably by mid-morning or early afternoon, to complete this challenging task. This deadline acts as a commitment device, so you can focus your mind and energy on achieving the task. Consider setting a reminder or alarm to keep you accountable.
  3. Prepare your environment to tackle the 'frog'.
    Before you start working on your task, organize your workspace to minimize distractions. Gather all the necessary materials and tools you need to complete the task efficiently. Ask yourself, how can I make this environment conducive to focus and productivity?
  4. Break the task into smaller, manageable steps.
    If the task is large or complex, break it down into smaller components that you can tackle one at a time. Write these steps down and cross each one off as you complete it. This not only simplifies the task but also provides a sense of progress and achievement.
  5. Reward yourself after completing the task.
    Decide on a reward you will give yourself once the task is done. This could be a small treat, a short break, or time spent on a favorite activity. This reward serves as motivation and a way to celebrate your discipline and effort.


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