Focus on thoughts that serve you


  1. Recognize intrusive thoughts:
    Be mindful when your mind is overwhelmed with unhelpful thoughts. Instead of trying to push them away, simply acknowledge that they are there.
  2. Evaluate the usefulness of your thoughts:
    Think about whether a thought is actually helpful or can lead to a positive outcome. If it's not useful for solving problems or making your life better, consider it just background noise in your mind. Ask yourself, "Does this thought help me solve a problem or make me feel better?"
  3. Maintain non-judgemental observation:
    If you find yourself thinking negatively or unnecessarily, try not to be hard on yourself. Remember, everyone has these kinds of thoughts; what matters is how you handle them. For instance, if you think, "I'm not good enough," just notice this thought calmly without judging yourself, and then gently shift your attention away from it.
  4. Select thoughts to engage with:
    Ask yourself, "Is this thought useful and in line with what I want to achieve?" If the answer is no, then let those thoughts go as they come up. Focus on the thoughts that are helpful and supportive of your goals.
  5. Utilize affirmations for empowerment.
    When you feel overwhelmed by your thoughts, remind yourself that you're in control. Use empowering statements like "You don't control me," and reinforce your choice by saying, "I decide which thoughts I focus on."
  6. Approach recurring thoughts consciously:
    When a thought, like the urge to give up, repeatedly emerges, take a moment to consider if it's a real indication of something you need to address or merely a manifestation of fear. Rely on your discernment to tell them apart.
  7. Adopt the practice for serenity:
    Realize that learning to control your thoughts is a continuous journey. As you practice and get better at it, you'll likely find more inner peace and joy. Be patient with yourself in this process.


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