Become a great keynote speaker.

Let’s go invent tomorrow instead of wondering about what happened yesterday.

People often judge the book by the cover. People judge your product or service based on the signals they get from the company. The product might be great, but how you present it is much more important.

Steve Jobs made many great keynote speeches that included memorable moments. He knew how to get people excited about his products.


  1. Build expectations before the grand finale.
    Get people excited about your product launches.

  2. Learn effective storytelling and public presentation techniques.
    You might have the best product in the world, but your job is to get people excited about it.

  3. Have a strong catchphrase.
    Create a sentence that encapsulates the whole message of the product. For example, iPod’s catchphrase is, “One thousand songs in your pocket.”

  4. When creating presentations, keep your slides very simple.
    Slides should have a lot of beautiful pictures, a few words, and no bullet points.

  5. Use emotive words.
    For example, a dream, awesome, or advanced.

  6. Practice a lot.
    Most CEOs don’t practice presentations. Only a few of them spend time mastering presentations before giving them. Jobs spent many hours mastering the details of all of his presentations.


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