Follow the five-step framework for a successful sales call


  1. Use the prospect's name to grab their attention.
    The quickest way to engage someone is by addressing them by their name. This creates a momentary connection and signals respect. As you reach out, simply greet with something like, “Hi, Julie.” Avoid time-consuming greetings like “How are you doing?” to prevent immediate resistance.
  2. Introduce yourself quickly.
    Immediate transparency about your identity and affiliation sets the tone for a professional conversation. By doing so, you convey respect for the prospect's time. You may say something like “My name is Jeb Blount, and I'm with Sales Gravy.” This straightforward introduction minimizes doubt and establishes a clear context for the call.
  3. State the primary purpose of your call.
    It's essential to be direct about your intentions to reduce uncertainty. Let the prospect know upfront why you're reaching out to them. A clear statement like, “The reason I'm calling is to set up an appointment with you,” showcases transparency and sets clear expectations, ensuring that there's no ambiguity about the call's objective.
  4. Use 'because' to bridge the conversation. Justifying your call with a reason enhances its relevance and value to the prospect. This bridge connects your intention with a context that is important to the prospect. By saying, “I just read an article online that mentioned your company is planning to add 200 new sales positions next year. Several companies in your industry use Sales Gravy exclusively for sourcing sales candidates, and they've expressed satisfaction with our results,” you're offering a tangible link between your services and their potential needs.
  5. Clearly articulate your request, and then pause.
    It's essential to assertively communicate what you hope to achieve from the conversation. After stating your request, allow a moment of silence for the prospect to process and respond. For example, suggest, “I thought it would be beneficial to set up a brief meeting to discuss your sales recruiting challenges and objectives. Would Wednesday afternoon around 3:00 PM work for you?” By ending with a direct question and then pausing, you're providing them space to reflect and answer, increasing your chances of success.


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