Use shared interests to establish a connection


  1. Find mutual interests or values.
    Before starting your conversation, think about what you and the other person might both care about or be interested in, especially if it's related to what you're suggesting or asking for. This step is crucial because it helps create a personal connection right from the beginning. For example, if you're discussing a new project, consider mentioning a shared goal or outcome you both aim for. This common ground sets the stage for a more receptive and engaging discussion.
  2. Use the phrase "I bet you're a bit like me" early in the conversation.
    Mention "I bet you're a bit like me" as you start talking. This phrase immediately suggests that you two are alike, creating a sense of unity and understanding. For instance, if you're proposing a new way to improve productivity, you could say, "I bet you're a bit like me: always looking for ways to do things more efficiently." This approach not only opens the other person up to your ideas but also frames your proposal as something they are likely already inclined to agree with.
  3. Maintain eye contact when delivering your statement. When you say "I bet you're a bit like me," look the other person in the eyes. Doing this shows you're sincere and confident about what you're saying.
  4. Observe their response and build on it.
    After you've made your statement, keep an eye on how the other person responds. Look for positive signs like nodding or smiling, which indicate they agree or feel a connection. If you see these signs, it's a good indicator that your message is resonating with them, and you're successfully building rapport.
  5. Use their agreement to segue into your request or proposal.
    Once you've established agreement and shared understanding, smoothly transition to what you're asking for or suggesting. Say something like, "Since we both appreciate the importance of efficiency, I was thinking we could try..." This makes your request feel like a natural extension of the agreement you've already established, increasing the chances they'll be receptive to it.


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