Review for your exams effectively


  1. Avoid rote review. Don't just memorize information; instead, focus on understanding the material. Ask questions and make connections between different topics.
  2. Identify the big ideas in nontechnical courses.
    Take notes in a question/evidence/conclusion format to internalize big ideas and better understand the material.
  3. Organize your notes.
    Date your notes and record the title of the day’s lecture. Use bold fonts and lists to help organize your thoughts. Use underlining, indentations, drawing boxes around ideas, and bullet points to structure the information.
  4. Prioritize your readings according to importance.
    If the readings are from a textbook, they should be given more attention than supplemental readings. If the lecture is about a specific topic, the readings that directly address the topic should be given more attention than the rest.
  5. Take regular breaks.
    Take regular breaks to rest and refresh your mind.


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