Master orgasmic positions


  1. Adjust the penetration angle. 
    Adjust the penetration angle such that the tip of the penis touches the woman's G-spot. The female G-spot is located 2.5 to 5cm inside the vagina at the top.
  2. Adjust the pressure. 
    The female should place a pillow under her lower back to raise her hips, and the male should kneel as near the lady's hips as possible. The man should gently twist his hips side to side or in small circular motions to ensure his pelvic bone is in touch with the clitoris.
  3. Give 15-min orgasm to a woman.
     - Set the woman to lie on her stomach, legs spread. You sit on her right side, on at least two pillows, with your knee bent perpendicular to your chest and your feet on the opposite side. 
     - Separate the vaginal lips and grasp the clitoris with your right thumb, the skin of the clitoris up. Place your left hand under her buttocks and your thumb on the bottom of her vagina. 
     - When your hand is in the center of the vagina, place your right index finger 1 cm to the right, where the small fold and clitoris are - and start caressing very gently in a constant rhythm. After a few minutes, speed up the pace a bit, but keep it consistent, and the woman will have an orgasm.
     - After 15 minutes, use your whole hand, press firmly down on the pubic bone and up towards the woman's head, using the folding arms as indicated. 
  4. If your testosterone level is low, increase it using some of these techniques. 
     - Eat four walnuts and twenty raw almonds, and take two capsules of cod and butter liver oil four hours before intercourse.
     - Take 10-minute ice baths when you get up and before going to bed.
     - Three hours before bedtime the night before intercourse, take at least 800 milligrams of cholesterol.
     - Take 3,000 to 5,000 IU of vitamin D when you get up and before bed or until your blood level reaches 55 ng/ml.
    - Take two capsules of cod liver oil with butter.


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