Master money skills.

There are a lot of books on how to make sales, how to earn money, and how to invest. They enable you to learn in your spare time. These are just some of the basic and timeless principles to follow.


  1. Your income is determined by three things:

    1. The demand for what you have to offer.
    2. Your ability to deliver and execute on your offering.
    3. The difficulty of replacing you.
  2. Reduce your spending.
    Especially on silly things.

  3. Augment your income.
    Increase your income by creating more value. Also, learn how to present the value of the things you sell.

  4. Aim to have multiple streams of income.
    Wealthy people pretty much always have more than one source of income.

  5. Educate yourself on how to earn more money through literature.
    There are a lot of books about business, investing, sales generation, etc. that you can learn from.


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