Manage your suffering.

When going through a difficult period in life, it is important to limit the hold the crisis has over you. By setting a scheduled time to think and talk about the crisis, you conserve your energy for what is truly important. Similarly, when you focus on what you can control, you will be less depressed by what you cannot.


  1. Set aside some time to talk and think about your suffering.
    Do not talk or think about it outside of this time. If you notice yourself beginning to think about it, simply remind yourself that you will think about it properly during the scheduled period.

  2. Focus on what you can control and make plans accordingly.
    For example, if you are experiencing a long-term illness, do not think about the next month or the next year, simply focus on the next day. Spend your time fixing whatever you can fix, and simply discard the rest from your mind.


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