Manage the factors that affect your emotions


  1. Use your body to manage your emotions.
    Pay attention to your body position and try to stand straight. Start doing exercises that suit you, such as pilates, yoga, walking, etc.

  2. Use your thoughts to manage your emotions.
    Meditate, say positive affirmations or use visualization. For example, meditate each morning, visualize your goal each night for 5 minutes, write down some positive affirmations, etc.

  3. Use your sleep to manage your emotions.
    Improve your sleep by meditation and stretching before going to bed or by creating some relaxing night routine

  4. Use your breathing to manage your emotions.
    Anytime you feel negative emotions, try to breathe slowly for a while.

  5. Use your environment to manage your emotions.
    Reduce the amount of time you spend on social networks, reduce harmful content from TV, watch positive content, read inspirational books and spend time with positive people.

  6. Use music to manage your emotions.
    Listen to happy and inspiring music to evoke positive feelings. Listen to relaxing music or white noise to reduce negative emotions like nervousness and anxiety. Dance.


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