Make your workplace indistractable


  1. Defend your focus.
    Signal when you don’t want to be interrupted while doing work. You can place signage on your desk that says you’re doing focused work or set your notification alerts on your messaging platform to Do Not Disturb.

  2. Schedule times for when you will read your e-mails.
    Reply to emails during a scheduled time on your calendar. You can also utilize email labels to understand when each message needs a response.

  3. Do not stay long in group chats.
    A group chat is only applicable for replacing in-person meetings and can be a tool for distraction if used for too long.

  4. Send an agenda and briefing document before calling for a meeting.
    This can help attendees get up-to-speed on what the meeting is about and can help them prepare ideas and solutions beforehand.

  5. Be fully present in meetings.
    Do not use devices while in a meeting. You can also consider having one laptop per meeting to keep everyone’s focus.


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