Make your products and ideas more publicly observable


  1. Generate public signals for private choices.
    Create listicles of the most read articles on your blog or rankings of the most purchased items on your website. When readers and customers see things like this, they’d be more influenced to read those articles and buy those products, too, because now they know that “everyone’s doing it.”

  2. Design ideas that advertise themselves.
    Use prominent logos that’ll prompt others to wonder what it represents. Build your products in colors that stand out, like the white iPod earphones from Apple. Shapes, sounds, and other distinctive characteristics can help your products advertise themselves.

  3. Leave some behavioral residue.
    People will not always use your products publicly, so you need something that will continue to generate social influence long after they've used the product or engaged with your idea. Simple things like customized shopping bags, wristbands, and branded giveaway swag like mugs, pens, and t-shirts can do the trick. So make souvenirs that’ll follow your customers into those public arenas that your products may never reach.


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