Make your product actionable.

When we design a product, we want users to perform certain actions. However, the action will be performed only if these three elements are met. Simply stated, there must be a trigger that will initiate the action, motivation to make the action, and conditions to perform the action (ability). If something is missing, the action will not be performed.


Users of your product will take an action if these three elements are present:

  1. Motivation.
    This is the energy of action. Three core motivators drive our actions: seek pleasure and avoid pain, seek hope and avoid fear, and seek social acceptance and avoid rejection.

  2. Ability.
    The action you want users to take must be as easy as possible. The easier and simpler your product is, the more likely users will take the desired action. There are six elements of simplicity: time necessary to perform an action, money needed, physical effort, brain circles (too confusing), social deviance (outside the norms), and if the action is a routine (or is it too new).

  3. Trigger.
    This element was described in the previous action.

Think about each action that users can perform in your product in terms of these three elements. Brainstorm different possibilities to make the action easier to execute and to provide stronger motivation to do it.


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