Make your positive experiences more intense and reduce the impact of your negative ones

When you enlarge the image and make the situation very intense in your mind, you give power to it. When you shrink it, it becomes less important. Unconsciously you can enlarge negative experiences and not put the same effort in to making the positive ones more important. If you are focused on giving adequate internal representation to positive experiences, you can put yourself in a resourceful state whenever you need to and make the negative experiences less important. You can also use this technique to motivate you to complete tasks. If, in the beginning, the task looks impossible, imagine it as being a small picture that you can easily handle.


  1. Remind yourself of a very pleasant situation or moment in your life. It can be recent or in the past.
    Close your eyes, relax, and step into your chosen moment.

  2. Take that image and make it brighter and brighter and closer and closer to you.
    Be aware of how your state changes when you manipulate the image. Normally this manipulation increases the power and pleasure of the internal representation and creates a joyous state.

  3. Involve your other senses.
    Increase the volume of the voices and sounds and add some kinesthetic submodalities (like vibration, texture, and temperature).

  4. Now remind yourself of a negative experience and make the image of it smaller.
    Defocus the image by making it fuzzier, dimmer, and finally almost invisible. Move the image away from you.

  5. Just as you did with the pleasant experience, adjust your auditory and kinesthetic perceptions.
    Turn down the sounds, modify the associated feelings to become insubstantial and flaccid.


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