Make your marriage work


  1. Heal your childhood wounds.
    After discovering them, you have to take the next step. Seek help from a professional or even from your partner. Communicating your insecurities will create a safe space for both partners to grow.

  2. Create an accurate picture of your partner.
    Avoiding illusion and shaping a real picture of your partner is a must to overcome disappointments. Being aware of their flaws and positives is mandatory for you to accept your partner just the way they are.

  3. Be the right partner instead of waiting for the right one.
    To have a successful partnership means to work on yourself, as well. Work on your needs and prioritize your partner’s needs as your own – but don’t put yourself in the backseat. Taking care of your goals entails laying the groundwork for an emotionally intelligent partner.

  4. Learn how to communicate maturely.
    Communication is not a cliche. It’s the primal thing to make a partnership work. So, when your partner becomes overly critical and creates a conflict, take a minute to gather yourself and not engage in defensive or hostile behavior. Every conflict comes from a need to connect with your partner.


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