Make your life great one day at the time.

Mr. Money Mustache said that there is only one question to ask to measure a great life: “How happy and satisfied am I with my life right now?”

If you focus on each day and make each day great, your whole life will be great as well.


  1. Every evening, ask yourself, “How happy and satisfied am I with my life right now?”
    Simply find out what it takes to have a great day.

  2. To have a great life, maximize your “up” time and minimize your downs.
    Look at every activity and think, “Is it contributing to me having a better day?”

  3. Start by waking up from a good sleep, eating good food, leaving your phone/newspaper/computer behind, and simply writing down your plan for what will make the day great.
    Have more of the stuff and less of the fluff.

  4. Include physical activity, hard work, socializing, and giving help to others.


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