Make your bedroom a sleep-friendly place.

Making simple changes in the bedroom can improve sleep quality on many levels. Since numerous health problems are connected to a lack of sleep, these changes will improve your well-being.


  1. Before you go to sleep, leave your phone and other tech gadgets outside your bedroom.
    The LED light from your smartphone, tablet, iPad, etc. can be very harmful and can delay your ability to fall asleep. This harms your NREM sleep, which means that you will be forgetful and incapable of storing long-term memories in the cortex.

  2. Leave alcohol consumption for the afternoon, not before bedtime.
    The sedation which a large amount of alcohol can achieve will cause fragmented sleep. This does not allow your brain to be refreshed and your capability to learn will be impaired.

  3. Lower the room temperature to around 65 degrees Fahrenheit before you go to bed.
    The perfect sleeping temperature is around 65 degrees Fahrenheit (18.3°C). Keeping your bedroom cooler will help the process of falling asleep.

  4. Have a warm bath before you go to sleep.
    The warm water will relax you and open your pores. Your open pores allow your body to more easily make its core colder by releasing excess warmth through the pores. This will make your body more prepared to fall asleep.

  5. Remove visible clock faces and loud alarms from your bedroom.
    Watching the clock may increase your anxiety, and loud alarms may cause great stress during the waking period, thus negatively impacting the cardiovascular system.


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