Make time to read every day.

He would trap an engineer in the SpaceX factory and set to work grilling him about a type of valve or specialized material. “I thought at first that he was challenging me to see if I knew my stuff,” said Kevin Brogan, one of the early engineers. “Then I realized he was trying to learn things. He would quiz you until he learned ninety percent of what you know.” - Elon Musk’s biography by Ashlee Vance

When Elon Musk was young, he would sometimes read two books per day. Now, despite not having as much time to read, he still learns directly from people and from other sources as much as he can. He has a strong growth mindset.


  1. Schedule time everyday, preferably in the morning, to read.
    Choose books that increase your knowledge in the areas that you believe are important to you.

  2. Ask more questions of your friends and coworkers.
    This can be a faster way to obtain the knowledge that you want.


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