Make strategic money decisions


  1. Diversify
    Diversify your investment portfolio and, if possible, your sources of income. Find a side hustle or part-time hobby that brings in money. This will improve your portfolio returns and stabilize risks.
  2. Plan ahead
    Physical and mental fatigue can create poor money choices. Plan ahead and give yourself space when making them.
  3. Forget about the past
    Forget your past money mistakes and losses. This will help you embrace an offensive financial strategy that attracts wealth
  4. Maximize your options
    Seek out all alternatives before making each choice. A greater variety of other options opens your mind to different possibilities, and it also provides leverage for better negotiations on price.
  5. Get an outsider's perspective
    Engage the services of a trusted financial advisor or a financially savvy acquaintance to bring their fresh perspective into areas you may not have considered.


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