Make proper eye contact to be more charismatic.

Your eyes reflect your emotional state. People can see what you feel just by looking at your eyes. Good eye contact is critical in emanating warmth.


General rules:

  1. Make strong eye contact.
    Show your undivided attention to the speaker.

  2. Show excitement through your eyes.
    Read below to understand what this means.

Practice in the following way:

  1. Find a room with a mirror without distractions.

  2. Close your eyes and think of some minor issues you had recently.
    Feel the irritation before moving on to the next step.

  3. Open your eyes, and look at them in the mirror.
    Note the tension around your eyes and their narrowness.

  4. Close your eyes, and think about something warm.
    This can be some pleasant experience you recently had.

  5. Open your eyes.
    Can you see the difference? Can you see the relaxation in your eyes?

  6. Close your eyes, and think of an exciting time when you felt full of confidence.
    Feel it.

  7. Open your eyes.
    Look closely and note the confidence in your eyes.


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