Make one-time decisions


  1. Make a one-time decision about gifts.
    For example, at the beginning of the year, you could decide that you will be gifting your kids clothes for Christmas and you will gift books to your kid’s teachers for Teacher’s day. This will help you save time thinking when those periods come.

  2. Decide on what to eat once.
    For example, you could decide that the only type of fish you will be eating this year is salmon. This will save you time when shopping.

  3. Decide what you will wear once.
    For example, you could decide that you will only be wearing pantsuits to your office for the next one month. This will save time every morning.

  4. Make a one-time decision on how you clean.
    Make up your mind about the type of cleaning products and cleaning equipment you will be using for your cleaning. This will again save you time for shopping for cleaning products.

  5. Decide family traditions once.
    For example, you could decide to take your family on vacation every summer or to go to the movies the night before the first day of school.


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