Make meetings effective.

In most cases, meetings are too long and not effective enough. Most successful people either avoid them or try to make them as effective as possible by spending a minimum amount of time on them.


  1. Always require a clear agenda and purpose for the meeting.
    Here is how to write it:
    1. Clearly state the purpose of the meeting
    2. Clearly state the facilitator
    3. Identify all invited parties
    4. List the agenda topics
    5. Estimate how much time is needed for each agenda topic
  2. Consider utilizing only short, five- to ten-minute meetings.
    This is what Richard Branson does.
  3. Consider walking meetings.
    That’s the method used by Steve Jobs.
  4. Have stand-up meetings.
    According to studies, they are 34 percent shorter and equally as effective.
  5. Consider a daily huddle—quick daily meetings that take 15 minutes every morning.
    Such meetings may lead to fewer overall meetings. They should be short and always at the same time. The agenda is simple: highlights from the last 24 hours, review of daily metrics, and anything you are “stuck” with.
  6. No smartphones should be allowed during meetings.
    It’s inappropriate to answer calls during meetings. Using smartphones during a meeting shows a lack of respect, lack of attention, or even a lack of power.
  7. Before going, always ask yourself if you really need to attend the meeting.
    Not everyone must be at every meeting.
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