Make it easier to practice desired behaviors


  1. Choose a behaviour you would like to make a habit
    For example, you could pick something that will make you healthier, happier or wealthier.

  2. Ask yourself, ‘What is making this behavior hard to do?’
    Your answer will involve at least one of the following factors: time, money, physical effort, mental effort, or your current routine.

  3. Ask yourself, ‘How can I make this behavior easier to do?’
    This will involve either:
     a. Increasing your skills (perhaps by watching online videos or asking a friend for tips), 
     b. Getting the necessary tools and resources (perhaps equipment), or
     c. Making the behavior as tiny as you can. (perhaps by starting with one daily push-up instead of a whole workout routine)

  4. Take action!
    When you run into a setback, push yourself to do at least a small part of the activity. For example, if you have a cold, try to do at least one push-up. By going tiny, you create consistency to firmly root your habit in your psyche.


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