Make friends with the present moment and therefore life.

You will quickly see the results—one decision changes your entire reality. You are becoming present. Life becomes friendly towards you, people become helpful, and circumstances become cooperative. You laugh more and are filled with the joy of Being—the only true happiness.


  1. Notice what is happening right at this moment.
    Set a reminder each day to notice what you are thinking and feeling. Become aware.

  2. Are you making the present moment a friend or an enemy (reacting against it)?
    If you see this moment as an obstacle to overcome, frustration and stress arise.  Then you inhabit a world of problems that need to be solved before you can be happy.

  3. Decide that the present moment, and therefore life, is a friend.
    Make the first move. Welcome it, no matter what form it takes.

  4. Make that decision again and again until it is natural to live in such a way.


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