Make fat loss part of your everyday life

When you find a way to make fat loss part of your everyday life, losing weight after gaining some will be easier and a fitness lifestyle will be more sustainable in the long-term.


  1. Adopt an approach that you are comfortable with
    Think carefully about what you need and what you are capable of following on a regular basis. Can you truly commit to exercising 5 times a week, or would 2-3 times be more reasonable? Will you be able to give up carbs and still enjoy your meals? Whatever strategies you choose to achieve a calorie deficit should be something you’re comfortable with, otherwise you will feel demotivated and will be more likely to give up. Aim to find adaptable strategies, so you can continue to work towards your health goals even when you are on holiday, for example.

  2. Accept that you will need to lose fat after you put on weight
    Our weight fluctuates a little bit as we have holidays and busier times. The key is to be able to lose the fat you have gained.

  3. Focus on gradual changes
    Many times it is easier to reach the goal by taking many small steps than one very big step. By making gradual changes you can reach your goal in a way that fits your lifestyle. Plus, a slow change will be easier to adopt and adapt to when compared to an abrupt, drastic one one.


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