Make difficult decisions using this simple technique.

Way too often, we don’t do what we really want to because we have a fear of doing it. The best way to overcome fear is to face it and start working through it with the above steps.


When you are about to make a difficult decision, write an answer to the following questions. Do not edit them. Spend a few minutes on each one.

  1. Define the worst possible scenario if you do what you are considering to do.
    What would be a permanent impact? How likely it is that this scenario would really happen?

  2. If the worst-case scenario did happen, what steps would you take to repair the damage?
    How would you get everything back under control?

  3. What are the outcomes or benefits of probable scenarios?
    How likely it is that you could produce at least a moderately good outcome?

  4. If you’re fired today, what would you do to get things under financial control?
    If you quit the job in order to try other options, how likely it is that you will get this job back again?

  5. What does it cost you—financially, emotionally, and physically—to postpone action?
    Imagine yourself five and 10 years from now. Where will you be if you don’t do this action?

  6. What are you waiting for?
    If you don’t have a straight answer right away, it means you are afraid. What’s the cost of inaction?


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