Make decisions.

These steps will help you make a decision by conditioning your mind to associate decision-making with pleasure and procrastination with pain.


  1. Write down four different decisions you haven’t made yet because you have been procrastinating.
    No matter how big or how small they are, write them down.

  2. Write down why you have not made these decisions yet.
    Include the pain you have linked to making these decisions. For example, if you haven’t made the decision to quit smoking, the pain you linked might be nicotine cravings.

  3. Write down all the pleasure your procrastination has brought you.
    By allowing you to indulge in negative habits, what pleasure has your procrastination brought you?

  4. Write down the negative side effects of not making a decision.
    How is leaving this decision unattended to going to affect you? What pain will you feel?

  5. Write down the pleasures you will feel if you were to make a decision immediately.
    What are the positive effects of making a decision?


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