Make an effort to change through deep questioning.

By reaffirming positive statements about your character, you come closer to becoming the person you want to be. Asking ourselves deep and meaningful questions stimulates personal growth and inspires us to find solutions to problems.


  1. Take five minutes and really reflect on those ‘Am I’ questions.
    Think of positive qualities when you ask yourself these types of questions. Am I affectionate? Am I reliable?

  2. Now swap the ‘Am’ and the ‘I’. It should now read ‘I Am’ followed by the quality.
    These will become affirmations. I am affectionate. I am reliable. Repeat these sentences with your eyes closed.

  3. Answer these five life-changing questions as honestly as possible.

    1. What drives you every day, and what is the basis of your decisions? 
    2. What are you going to do today that was different than yesterday? This will ultimately shape who you are tomorrow.
    3. What are the life-changing decisions you are committed to making today that will produce the results you so desperately want?
    4. What’s at least one thing that you can change about your life right now that will prevent a lifetime of pain and generate a never-ending supply of pleasure?
    5. How can I… (be healthy; push myself that extra mile; take control of my life)?


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