Make a to-do list the night before.

Making a to-do list the night before will help you organize and plan the next day so you can get all your work done. It will help you keep a physical checklist of what you need to do, so you can better schedule your other commitments as well. Prioritizing your tasks according to the ABCDE method will ensure you devote enough time to your most important tasks, and it will keep you from wasting time on tasks that aren’t important at all.


  1. Write down everything you need to do the night before.

  2. Use the ABCDE method to prioritize your tasks.

    • A - refers to extremely important tasks that you must do.
    • B - refers to tasks that you should do but that only have mild (positive or negative) consequences.
    • C - refers to tasks that would be nice to do but have no consequences.
    • D - refers to tasks you can delegate to someone else.
    • E - refers to tasks you can eliminate altogether.
  3. If something comes up in the middle of the day, add it to the list immediately.
    Once you have added it to your to-do list, you can start working on it.


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