Make a good first impression on your interviewer.

The first thirty seconds to two minutes of your interview are crucial - if you make a good first impression, you’re more likely to get hired.


  1. Take care of your physical appearance.
    Shower, trim your nails, brush your hair, use deodorant, brush your teeth, and wear clean and professional clothing. Don’t use overwhelming perfumes and cover up off-putting tattoos (if you have any).

  2. Avoid nervous mannerisms.
    Don’t slouch or fidget or crack your knuckles, etc. Make sure to make eye contact and give a firm handshake.

  3. Show self-confidence.
    Speak loud enough to be heard, do not give one-worded replies, and most importantly, do not be overly self-critical of yourself!

  4. Show consideration to others.
    This includes the receptionist, the waiter/waitress (if the interview is at a restaurant), etc.

  5. Do not present negative values.
    This includes arrogance, aggressiveness, laziness, tardiness, dishonesty, constant complaining, irresponsibility, signs of instability, etc. Non-smokers are also 94% more likely than smokers to get hired, so don’t smoke a cigarette until the interview is over and you are no longer in sight!


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