Make a bid to connect with others effectively.


  1. Start by acknowledging your need for connection.
    Open up about your longing for affection and attention by gently talking about your needs as they occur to you instead of stockpiling them.
  2. Communicate your bid clearly.
    This will go a long way to giving little or no doubt about what you want, thereby making it possible for the other party to respond accordingly. For example, “I want you to come work for my company”. 
  3. Be specific.
    This will help the other party understand your needs and either turn towards, away, or against them. For example, “Let’s have lunch on Saturday at 2 pm”.
  4. Be subtle.
    This will help others to either guess your intentions or to pick up cues. For example, “What’s your idea of a great vacation?
  5. Turn bids that sound like complaints into statements of needs.
    For example, tell your partner “I miss you a lot and it would be nice talking to you on the phone” instead of saying “You wouldn't even think of calling me. Would you?


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