Maintain quality relationship


  1. Be aware of potential issues. 
    Check to see whether your relationship is now experiencing any emergent danger points, echoes of raw spots, or newly arising fears. Talk and see if any emotional issues could grow into a bigger problem.
  2. Focus on the positive aspects of your relationships. 
    Talk about the little things and moments that make you happy and strengthen your relationship. Identify the crucial points that changed your relationship for the better.
  3. Create a bonding ritual. 
    Make a new daily routine for your relationship that will help you become more communicative, receptive, and engaged. For example,  hug every morning, talk about your feelings every evening, do some activity that makes you both happy, leave short love notes to each other, etc.
  4. Come up with a solution to your typical arguments.
    Identify the disagreement that always leads you to argument and frustration, and then write down what needs or fears lie beneath the surface of your typical argument. Finally, write how you could solve this problem.
  5. Learn from your experience. 
    Highlight the mistakes you made in your communication before, and then write down the ways you solved such problems before. Come up with a plan so that those mistakes don't happen again.
  6. Plan your desired relationship.
    Write down what you would like your relationship to look like in the future, and determine one thing each of you can start doing today to make your plan for a happy relationship a reality.


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