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  1. Treat your mind as your most valuable possession
    You could very easily lose your wealth or material possessions. They could even be stolen from you. The one thing that no one can take from you is your mind.
  2. Focus on your actions, not your expectations
    Happiness is the result of expectations being met, and not an objective measure of any situation. Keep your expectations low and focus more on your process. 
  3. Find the silver lining by changing your comparative lens
    Negativity is most often felt when we compare our situation to standards we have not achieved yet. Compare your situation to lower standards instead - you’ll see how far you have truly come. 
  4. Acknowledge your feelings without pursuing them
    Pay attention to the emotions that arise within you every day. Name them, but don’t crave or give in to them. Simply accept them, live in the present moment, and allow your incessant feelings to come and go as they please (and they will come and go, regardless of your permission!) 


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