Look within and understand your intentions


  1. Find a clear intention behind everything you do.
    When you are aware of your intention for performing a certain task and you know why and how much it matters to you or someone you care about, you have a clear drive, a clear purpose for doing that task.

  2. Be honest to yourself about your intentions.

  3. Identify if your intention is a seed or a weed.
    If a good intention is attached to a bad goal, it is a weed. For example, getting in shape because you want to seek revenge on an ex who called you fat. On the other hand, any intention that gets attached to a positive goal is a seed. For example, you want to wake up early in the morning, not because you need to show or prove anything to anyone, but because it gives you happiness, a sense of meaning or adds value to your life.

  4. Ignore the weeds, they will harm you in the longer run. Accept and nurture the seeds.


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