Look at the bright side of life.

Approaching every situation with a light heart can diminish negative feelings, and it will shrink every bad situation to its proper size. Humor helps you cope with problems on a deeper level by bringing about the understanding that the problem is not the end of the world and that every problematic situation has a solution. Always remember to laugh at the world and yourself because laughter is a conscious way to be happy and successful.


  1. When you are in a difficult situation, repeat: “This too shall pass.”
    Understanding the transience of difficult situations can help you find the light to guide you through the tunnel of remorse, sadness, and failure.

  2. Put things into perspective.
    If you want to prevent minor failures from crushing your spirit, you should remember that what happens in a day is insignificant when considering the bigger picture. This will help you to stop taking every single event so seriously.

  3. Work hard to avoid sadness.
    The best way to prevent sadness from becoming a part of your daily experience is to keep yourself busy and focused on your daily goals.

  4. Laugh at the world.
    Find a positive side to every situation and person.

  5. Laugh at yourself.
    The most positive quality, in terms of maintaining a positive character, is the ability to not take yourself too seriously. The world is already complex and full of obstacles, so you don’t need to become one.


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