Live your passion.

Business is not only about making money. Gary Vee says that if you think it is, you’re broken. Business is about converting your passion into money and having a lot of fun while doing it. Business is about doing what you love.

Social media is here to help you live your passion and convert it into a business. Even people that don’t think of themselves as business people can use social media to convert their passion into a business.


  1. Live your life with three simple rules:
    Love your family.
    Work super hard.
    Live your passion.

  2. No excuses!
    You can always start a business from your passion. Don’t wait for better times.

  3. Use social media to start your business.
    It’s the best place to start one these days, and there is enough room for everyone.

  4. It’s up to you whether you make use of the lessons from this book.
    They are only as strong as the person using them.


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