Live in the present.

Living in the present will help you focus on each individual task without getting distracted; thus you will be able to perform much better. Making lists and prioritizing each task on them will ensure you remember everything you need to do. It will also get rid of the stressful feeling saying that you need to do them now.


  1. Figure out what is most important right now.
    When you’re feeling overwhelmed, ask yourself, “What’s most important right now?” Make a list and focus on those tasks.

  2. Stop thinking about the future.
    You can put ideas of the future aside by writing down the things that will be important then but are not right now. Try asking yourself, “What might I want to do someday as a result of today?”

  3. Prioritize your lists.
    The items on your present and your future lists need to be prioritized according to the level of importance.


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