Live in the present moment.


  1. Live in the present moment.
    Accept pain, suffering, and fear as an integral part of life, and do not waste time thinking about it. Instead, focus on the small steps you can take daily to achieve your goals.

  2. Adopt the best of Shaolin monk's lifestyle.
    Instead of pressuring yourself to achieve great success in life, learn to appreciate small and basic things. Attach your happiness to mental, physical, and spiritual progress. This is how you’ll achieve self-control, concentration, and discipline.

  3. Meditate using the “Zazen“ and “Shikantaza“ techniques.
    For the “Zazen” technique, simply sit upright and focus on your mind, breathing, and the air that passes through your breathing system. For the “Shikantaza“ technique, sit and pay attention to everything around you and in you. Try to take control of your thoughts by imagining them as clouds that go through, and let them go.


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