Create an Impact Filter


  1. Understand the importance of the Impact Filter. Understand that the Impact Filter is a valuable tool for effectively conveying your objectives and their importance to others. The ability to clearly communicate and express your goals is crucial for achieving success.
  2. Create an Impact Filter.
    Your Impact Filter should address the following questions: What is the project? What do you want to accomplish? What’s the biggest difference this will make? What does the completed project look like? What will happen if you take action? What will happen if you don't take action? What specific results must be true for this project to be a success? You may write your answers on a paper or a Word document.
  3. Reach out to the right people.
    Share your vision with capable individuals who can contribute to your goal. Clearly articulate your vision using the Impact Filter. Make a list of potential collaborators who can help you achieve your goal.
  4. Get the right people engaged.
    Once you have identified the individuals who can assist you, actively involve them by outlining the specific actions required. Ensure that your vision aligns with their own aspirations and goals. Demonstrate how your collaboration will help them become who they aspire to be. If your vision and goals align, establish a mutually beneficial partnership.


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