Establish lead measures to achieve your goals


  1. ** Write down one goal you want your organization to achieve. **
  2. ** Brainstorm potential indicators of success.** Think of ideas for lead measures that can help you achieve the organization's goal. Make sure the team can take these lead measures without relying heavily on other teams.
  3. ** Evaluate the lead measures.** These lead measures should be both predictive of the goal and able to be influenced. Additionally, they should also be an ongoing process that requires a team effort. They should also be measurable and worth measuring."
  4. ** Establish the lead measures.** Decide whether to track team or individual performance and whether to track the lead measures daily or weekly.
  5. ** Monitor the lead measures frequently.**
    Track the progress of the lead measures and adjust the plan accordingly.
  6. ** Celebrate success.**
    Celebrate the progress you've made on the lead measures.


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