Lessen financial worries.

Any sort of worry contributes to an increase in unhappiness, so follow these rules to ensure you don’t have to worry about money.


  1. Come up with a reasonable budget that fits your needs.
    Learn to spend wisely, to get actual value for your money. Understand that a rise in income does not mean you should raise the amount you spend—this will create problems in the future. Save your extra money for a rainy day instead.

  2. Build your credit up.
    When you opt for life-insurance policies, Defence Bonds, etc., make sure to opt for the policies that have a savings aspect if you want to borrow on them.

  3. Do your best to protect yourself against illness, fire, and emergencies.
    The bills for these can run quite high.

  4. Don’t ever gamble.
    Sure, you could win a lot of money, but you could also lose everything you own.


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