Leave self-limiting beliefs behind


  1. Relabel your negative beliefs.
    First, you must relabel the negative thoughts and cement their place as beliefs. They are not truths; they are simply a belief that you hold. For example, instead of saying, “I’m worthless,” say, “I am acting like I believe that I am worthless.” This relabeling is an important first step.
  2. Reattribute the belief to its true source.
    Tell yourself, "This is my brain sending me an old, familiar message." By reattributing it, you remind yourself that this is simply a thought that keeps popping up because of old patterns that have been established, and those patterns can be changed.
  3. Refocus.
    Thoughts and feelings pass when given time. So, if you feel a self-limiting belief coming up and creating negative thoughts, find something else to do. Engage in a hobby that relaxes you, exercise, or meditate to relax and shift focus away from the negative belief. This takes practice, so try to refocus first for just 15 minutes whenever you feel a negative thought coming. Sometimes, we don’t notice them until they have affected us, and that’s fine. You will get better with time.
  4. Revalue.
    Now is the time to really consider the negative belief and how it has impacted you. Ask what it has really done for you and how it has impacted your life. Usually, the impact is only negative, and you will realize that you have gained nothing from holding onto this belief. However, you have to be thorough in your evaluation, so if this belief has ever benefited you in any way, be honest about that.
  5. Recreate.
    In the previous steps, you reevaluated old thought patterns so you could see them in a new way. Now you can let go of them and, most importantly, recreate them. Think about what beliefs you want to hold instead. Let go of the “I’m worthless” belief and recreate an “I am enough" belief, for example. Think about the life you want to step into and the way you want to view yourself.


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