Learn to work faster.


  1. Associate yourself with people who are better than you at something
    If you hang around people who don't place great value on time, your productivity will diminish.
  2. Put yourself under the time gun to get things done.
    Work expands to fill the time available to do it.
  3. Use a home office to increase personal productivity.
    You'll save time (commute, lunch, etc.) and you will have fewer disruptions.
  4. Learn to say "No", or you'll drown in your own success.
    There will always be more things to do than the time available to do them. 
  5. Get done what can be done in a normal workday, then relax.
    Don't hopelessly overload your To-Do-List. 
  6. Think short-term, medium-term, and long-term in your business.
    All at the same time.
  7. Get rid of small nuisances/chores as quickly as possible.
    Don’t move it off the top of the pile to the bottom, or more reluctance will build up.
  8. Hire slow, fire fast (both clients and employees).
    Get rid of them if they are a problem to you.


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