Learn to tell these type of stories.

There are a few perspectives from which you can talk to your audience. Pick one, and stick to it.


  1. Loss and redemption.
    Usually it goes like this: “I had everything, then this happened, and I lost it. I figured my way out of it, and I learned something from it.”

  2. Us vs. Them.
    It’s about polarizing your audience. This story makes people define who they are, for example, if they are talkers or do-ers.

  3. Stories of transformation - before and after.
    This usually goes like this: “Before I was like that, and now I’m like this.”

  4. Amazing Discovery.
    It may go like this: “You guys will not believe what I discovered...”. This is the author’s favorite type of story.

  5. Third-person Testimonial.
    It’s about sharing another person’s success with your product.


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