Learn to relax


  1. Try to identify the constraints of your situation.
    When you find yourself indecisive about something, identify the reasons you can’t make a decision easily.

  2. If there is more than one constraint, apply the constraint relaxation.
    If you want to make a quick decision, remove any constraints and simplify your situation. Don’t overthink it for too much time.

  3. Know your options by applying the continuous relaxation method.
    You can find a solution by continuously searching for the most optimal answer. Removing each constraint at a time, you can stop once you feel content with your compromise. No situation will be perfect, so you need to learn how to compromise.

  4. Apply the most popular and efficient method: Lagrangian Relaxation.
    Divide the constraints into two groups: the easy constraints and the hard constraints. Then, all you have to do is simply eliminate the harder constraints, and you get the best option for you.


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